About BBD

About BBD

Formed by three dynamic developers back in 1984, BBD now employs 700 software engineers, system architects, application designers, digital strategists and tech-trend enthusiasts (i.e. ‘geeks’).

Although our HQ is based in Johannesburg, we can also be found in Pretoria and Cape Town, and in Bulgaria and India too.

In addition to our core software and application development services, we have a dedicated, in-house research and development team that provides constant training, insight and guidance on the latest technology trends, tools and frameworks.

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    BBD's Timeline

    BBD Believes

    Nothing is too complex.

    We thrive on challenge and use our collective, extensive experience as application developers, programmers and systems architects to innovate software solutions for even the most confounding digital situations. Our driving mission is to help our clients with simple, easy-to-use solutions that deliver benefits to their businesses on a daily basis.

    Our mantra of ‘combined intelligence’ refers not only to the software experts under our roof, but also to the collaborative knowledge and experience our team has accumulated over the last three decades.

    And when it comes to developing a bespoke system, or software solution, for your business, we believe in combining our intelligence with yours.

    Because when we merge our own unparalleled technological understanding with your intimate knowledge of your own business, we believe that we can create wonderful things together. After all, that’s why we got into this industry. That and so that we could hear our family members describe our work to their friends as ‘something with computers’.

    BBD's Timeline

    BBD Group of Companies

    The BBD group of companies is a collection of brands that are slowly changing the way people interact with mobile and desktop-based applications. The BBD umbrella has become synonymous with innovation and software development-centric brands that improve business processes, and in so doing, improve the lives of employees, customers and stakeholders.

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    BBD has a BB-BEE rating of Level 3, and is recognised as a ‘Value Adding Enterprise’ as per the South African ICT Charter.

    Our commitment to success has been endorsed by our ongoing empowerment strategy to transformation – and becoming majority black-owned company has been one of BBD’s strategic objectives. As a local and now majority black-owned company, we believe this offers BBD and its clients some formidable new competitive advantages. In addition to service excellence we will also be able to help clients meet their local procurement and transformation targets. In the recent announcement – 1st March 2016, BBD has confirmed its 51% BBBEE ownership as per the deal concluded with Sphere Holdings, a black-owned longstanding BBD investor, since 2007.

    BBD offers favourable creditor payment terms to qualifying SMME’s and QSE Enterprises meeting the criteria outlined in the Code 500 of the ICT Sector Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Codes of Good Practice. Interested qualifying suppliers are requested to e-mail - info@bbd.co.za for further information.

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    BBD & the Environment

    As a continuously growing company, we understand that our business operations may have an impact on the environment and therefore are firmly committed to creating innovative solutions that minimise this.

    We develop, promote and implement software solutions and services that minimise both our clients’ environmental footprints, and our own.

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