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Combined Intelligence’ is more than just a neat slogan that we use on our bowling team T-shirts (although they really do look terrific), it’s also our mantra.

BBD has accumulated years of systems and software consulting experience in just about every big industry vertical you can think of... Go on, think of one. Boom, we’ve worked on it.

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Every new IT system or software development project we embark on is the result of collaboration between our clients, and our seasoned consultants.

No dream is too big for us, but we know that you need someone who understands your industry intimately and can provide you with action-able advice.

BBD has years of experience in a range of industry verticals, and our business consultants can help you define, measure and act on your business objectives - over and above any bespoke software development you may need.

We have the understanding, the knowledge and the resources to help you make game-changing decisions that will help turn your business from an industry player to a market leader.