Maintanance & Support

Maintanance & Support

Have you heard the one about the cowboy developer who comes in, builds a complicated cross-platform system upon which your entire business becomes reliant, tells no one else how it works, and then disappears off the face of the planet?

‘Course you have.... We all have. And it’s not funny.

BBD offers complete IT system and application maintenance and support- whether or not we initially built the software you’re using.

I’ve already tried turning it off and on again... I think I need help.
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Our IT support team and software maintenance experts are only ever a phone call, or a few surreal moments of remote-control access away (don’t worry, we promise to never, ever check your search history- we’ve seen enough things that cannot be unseen).

We specialise in large-scale enterprise management, and promise total software ecosystem maintenance and support across all of your business’s processes and premises.

Our technicians will help all of your systems- old and new- retain regulatory compliance, assure seamless cross-platform compliance, and safeguard against obsolete systems and software.