Exploring new frontiers in software

Our expertise

Our 700 impressively talented experts specialise in crafting unique solutions for your business environment. Our extensive knowledge and passion for groundbreaking technology allow us to provide insightful tech and business consulting, agile strategies and integration with your legacy systems.

Maybe one of the best things about us is that we work with you to define your objectives and ensure ongoing and personal feedback throughout the project life cycle. We’re here to make your business shine.

Our global distributed team means that we pull the best analysts and software engineers from around the world to meet both near-shore and co-shoring requirements. Our focus is on delivery, and with access to obscure skills we make sure we do just that for every client.

Software development

No matter what you need or do, or what platforms you need to do it on, our team of engineers have the solution to your business’ software situation, guaranteed.

Cloud enablement

Whether we know it or not, we’re already reliant on the cloud. We can develop and enable cloud-based solutions to ensure ultimate business flexibility.

Digital strategy

Digital strategies are about investing in the right technology for your business. We build, adapt and deploy the right tech to improve your digital capabilities.

Tech and business consulting

Get face-to-face consultations with our software and IT specialists. They know what they’re talking about (even if they do dress like surly, teenage hackers).

Systems and integration

We eat complicated legacy systems and platforms integrations for breakfast. Let us help you upgrade your business – even if it’s just one line of code at a time.

Maintenance and support

Whether or not we built it, we can fix it. We offer IT support and software maintenance packages that will keep all your systems streamlined, and stress-free.