esc@pe is BBD’s very own technology conference and this year we'll be doing it in style. We took your comments from last year, adjusted accordingly, and have come up with a technology event that should not be missed!!! The event will boast 3 tracks with 3 presentations each and will cover topics on software development, business analysis and project management as well as some of the awesome work we as BBD have done over the years.

- - -

Please join us for an afternoon of listening and learning followed by an evening of networking over cocktails.

The Analysis and Project Management track will present techniques, approaches and solutions related to project management and business analysis. This track is aimed at systems/business analysts and project management and the improvement of this discipline, so if you are interested in the business side of development, this track will have something for you.   The showcase track will host three talks, presenting some of the most interesting work done at BBD. This track is aimed at anyone interested in getting insight into what else is happening out there. So, it does not matter if you work in development, analysis or human resources, you will leave satisfied.   The development track will host three talks, presenting technology or technological advances and approaches used by some of our teams. This track is presented by developers, for developers, so if you are a devoted techie, this track is just for you.
Date: 16 July Time: 12:00 - till late Place: Hyatt Regency, 191 Oxford Road, Rosebank
This is a company function where your attendance is required, if you are not able to make this due to project deliverables,
please send your apologies to