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We could wax lyrical about our 30-plus year successful track record, or our passion for developing unique solutions that transform businesses… but you don’t want to read all that.

Here are the things you need to know
BBD is a global bespoke software development powerhouse with experience across the banking, education, insurance, public, and telecoms sectors.
Our impressively talented team comprises over 700 experts from around the world
We have access to obscure skills to ensure that regardless requirement, we can deliver
We work with a wide variety of technologies, platforms and languages
Irrespective of how niche, we have the skills and know-how to build a custom software solution for you
We empower operations with transformative software
We can seamlessly integrate into most existing systems
Partnering with our clients is fundamental to the way BBD operates
It’s simple really: we hire the best, to develop the best

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to read some of our success stories.

Ok we admit it, we love the world of IT and all the languages, technologies, platforms and systems that come with it! If you’re the same, or just interested in how we think about the world of technology around us, read our insights, opinion pieces and magazine.

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Certifications and partners

As a leading software solutions provider, we’ve teamed up with the industry’s best partners and associates, because we know teamwork makes the dream work.

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About us

BBD was established in 1984 by three highly-talented individuals who created a company with a culture for working and playing hard. By 2013 we had expanded into multiple offices across South Africa, and had opened our first international arm in Bulgaria.

Five years later and we’d reached 700 talented family members, expanded our global reach, learnt a ton of new technical stuff, and had a few interesting adventures along the way (but you’ll have to chat to us to hear about those 😉).

Today, we’re a global bespoke development company who thrives on technology, coffee, and the thrill of producing the highest-quality software.

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